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Thesis demo: Sound Battle

Dec 21, 2015

This is a thesis project at Rochester Institute of Technology. It’s a mobile game app called Sound Battle, designed for training hearing ability and hand-ear coordination.

The game’s backstory is set as a group of explorers that lives on an isolated flowing island in space, looking for sound energy, the only way to look for sound energy is to land on other planets, and collect the sounds on that planet. But since sound energy is scarce, players must compete with each other to earn sound energy. Here is the rule: Players compete in a real time game that contains 5 rounds. At the beginning of each round, players have to read the challenge within a given time, then the challenge starts, and then the audio of the challenge will be played just once. After the sound is played, players have to complete the challenge as soon as possible.

There are four main categories: dexterity challenge, memory challenge, discrimination challenge and attention challenge, and each category contains hundreds of relevant challenges.

About the tumblr's design

Apr 09, 2015

I would like to talk about something from my point of view on Interaction Design as well as Visual Design, because it is quite exciting to see Tumblr’s design is becoming more mature and delicate compared to several years ago.

About updating the new feature of my website

Mar 21, 2015

In the Creative Industry Day one of the professionals told me the portfolio page seems to be unclassified and long. So I have added three categories (UI/UX Design, Motion Graphic and Industrial Design) on the top.

The goal is to classify the projects and switch between categories without reloading page.

As a designer, coding is not my strength. But I felt accomplished as I fixed some freaking bugs and problems, like:

1. Keep the animation of the projects of three categories.

2. Prevent the unselected categories bumping out.

3. Highlight the selected category in color

4. Since the number of projects in each category varies, so I need to match the height between the left column and the right column automatically.

5. 90% of the key codes are written in iQuery.

Now the new feature works pretty well except in Safari, the highlight color doesn’t not switch when a category is selected, I have no idea why, but in the mobile Safari, it works well.

Working on the thesis design

Mar 13, 2015

I have done some scene concept designs for the thesis. One is the planet of primordial forest, one is the planet of high-tech, and the last one is the planet of industry.

Self-promotion piece

Mar 10, 2015

An assignment of designing a self-promotion piece, and mail it to one of the design studios that the professor gives us. The challenge is I need to cut it in half and attach the Velcro in between.

Reasons to choose the monkey drum:

1. Oriental specific – I’m from China

2. Playable – You can play with it and you can even draw people’s attention

3. Moral – The drum is used for cheering up and boosting the morale in the film Kanata Kid

Public Service Announcement--Drugs

Dec 13, 2014

An assignment of Digital Media(Prof. Chris Jackson) class of RIT MFA program in 2014. I interpret it in the way of gamification--representing an unbeatable reaper can not even fight against drugs.

Funny poem visualization--Time by Nate Hawk

Oct 15, 2014

An assignment of Digital Media(Prof. Chris Jackson), I interpret each sentence in a funny way--short and witty story.

Give me inspirations

Nov 13, 2013

Actually I was working on my assignment at that night, but I had no inspiration and got stuck at the first stage.

It was 23:34, “Why not do something interesting?” I thought. So I decided to draw something that I wanted to since pretty long time ago, Slash, the awesome lead guitarist of G&R.

Well, though I still got no inspiration after 2 hours sketching, but, hmmm, the sketch is not bad, isn’t it.

The package illustration

Apr 01, 2012

Oh, this is a package illustration of a model aircraft, The Tupolev Tu-2, a twin-engine Soviet aircraft of World War II vintage.

They first gave me an image of a 3D model in the perspective of looking up as the reference picture, and there was no texture, no color and no light source. I HAVE TO IMAGINE THEM ALL BY MYSELF!! Well of course, I searched lots of references online, and applied the texture, the color and the fighting condition in my illustration.

AND TONS OF DETAILS!! They insisted on having more details in the illustration, like the shadow of rivets, the cockpit and even the face of the pilot!

To be honest, it was really time consuming.

F1 sucks, see my A1

Mar 12, 2012

It is my personal project, A1(A is for Aircraft) Well, I just hope someday in the future that people can have a game like this--they compete high in the sky, just like F1, they have teams, they have professional competitors, and an association for A1.

This is the concept design for the team China, the Dolphin, which represents friendliness as well as cleverness.

Some favorite sketches done during the 2nd year in bachelor degree

Jan 08, 2012

We had a course called sketching during the 2nd year in my bachelor degree. The professor required us to draw 100 pieces of sketches before the end of the semester, and here are some of my favorite ones.

Frankly speaking, that was a nice class, because we could go outside wherever we wanted to draw. (Except the last 3 pictures, those were drawn by some references from the internet) We had a good time during that semester. Look at the Porsche 911, that is the one that can be found in almost every classmate’s sketches. The reason is one of our classmates who is damn rich drove his sexy Porsche to our dorm one day, as you know, we students had barely see Porsche in live back then, especially the owner was your friend! So we were so excited to touch and sit into it. After that, we decided to set it as the model for our sketching target, and then you can see a dozen of students sitting around the sexy car, drawing it happily.

What's your names, transformer

Aug 11, 2011

I love Bumble Bee, I love Optimus Prime, well, why not create a new concept transformer myself. I’d name it Thug Life. LOL :)